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Casilla 188 - T
Correo Tajamar
Santiago - Chile
Fono/Fax 56-2-2692779

Andrés Cóndon

AndrÄs is composer, sound recordist and multi-instrumentalist. He has experimented mixing the sounds of nature recorded by himself, with his exquisite emotional expression produced by different string instruments.Guitars, viola caipira, bandurria and mandolin are his preferred instruments, accompanied by violin, flute, cello, quenas, zampoľas (pan flutes), and others.




Caminos de Agua(Paths of Water)
(World Music)

In this beautiful record, the guitarist and composer deeply explore the richness ofthe mixture of the ethnic and sounds of nature. Above all, it is an acoustic record which maintains a fresh atmosphere of musical excellence. Ranging from subtle soft themes to more rhythmic ones, it carries us on an amazing voyage through states of mind similar to those of flowing water. With a marked "Chilean accent", it is not difficult to recognize rhythms and styles extracted from Andean, Chilote (from the island of Chiloé), or Mapuche Indian folklore. The compact disc version includes three bonus tracks with nearly 15 minutes of original music. MVd 2001




Nómade (Nomad)
(acoustic guitar)

In his second production for MV, Andrés offers us the most subtle and deepest of his compositions. Exploring as a soloist, he plays all kinds of string instruments : classic guitar, electro- acoustic, viola caipira, bandurria, charango, tiple, and several others. In a few themes a viola or flute can be heard, but the record is clearly predominantly pulsing strings.

Continuing his style of combining music with natural sounds, this time he takes us through the beautiful fiords of southern Chile , with its animals, birds, water, and surroundings recorded by Andrés on one of his voyages as a nomad of the world.A record of unquestionable musical quality and above all..... beautiful.

MVd 2002


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